Friday, March 11, 2011

USAID Water Report for 2009 - released - Safeguarding the World's Water

USAID's Water Report for FY2009 has just been released:

This report shows that during FY 2009, USAID allocated more than $630 million for water sector activities. The amount allocated for water supply, sanitation, and hygiene was $493 million. During this time, USAID provided 6.4 million people with first-time or improved water supply and 3.4 million people with first-time or improved sanitation. Disinfection products, partially or wholly supported by USAID, were used to purify 7.8 billion liters of drinking water, more than 6.6 billion liters of which were made available to people in African countries.


Nathan said...

Thanks. Nice to see that USAID is on a timely reporting cycle ;)

Jon Reeves said...

This is incredible - I wonder how they purify the water?