Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rotary International and water/sanitation

For Rotarians in the house, I encourage you to consider attending WASRAG's World Water Summit in Birmingham UK on June 19th.

WASRAG has to be the worst acronym ever, but they put on a good show. An impressive list of panelists will discuss the issues of community mobilization and health and hygiene promotion.

The agenda:

Birmingham Water Summit Agenda

Registration is open until April 20th. If you plan to join them, please go immediately to the website www.wasrag.org and click on "Register Now."

Monday, April 6, 2009

Aveda Lights the Way for Clean Water

Blogging on Water readers know that women in many parts of the world walk up to 6km to fetch safe water for their households. Then they walk to find firewood or cow dung or kerosene to burn to make that water potable enough that it won't kill their children.

Aveda is giving its fans the opportunity to do the same (minus the 45 pounds of cholera-infested water on their heads and the breathing cow dung fumes parts) for Earth Day April 22. Check out their Walk for Water and take a minute to read about Aveda's CSR work on Earth Month here.

If salons are your thing, as I know they are for at least one Waterblogger fan, stop by an Aveda outfit, do your do, and invest in a Light the Way Candle, made with certified organic French lavender (mmmm certified organic French lavender...) 100% of the proceeds go to support Global Greengrants Fund's (GGF) water-related projects.

Let's move some candles people.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And now a job in Sanitation!

If I weren't making huge money as the Waterblogger, I would seriously consider this:

Job Title: Executive Director, World Toilet Organization

Location: Singapore (some regional travel required)

WTO is looking for an Executive Director to lead the organization into the next phase of growth and development. Over the past 9 years, under the guidance and supervision of the Founder Jack Sim, WTO has made great strides in creating global impact and furthering the cause of sanitation. Founded in 2001 with 15 members, WTO now has 182 member organizations in 56 countries.

Through global advocacy, knowledge management, capacity development, member services and market facilitation, WTO acts as a global platform to highlight sanitation as a smart social investment and to break the toilet taboo. We are seeking for a dynamic and motivated Executive Director who is able to continue and build on the momentum created, help WTO grow and diversify into various service areas and most importantly to strengthen the organization's capacity to help build a stronger and sustainable organization.

The role is challenging, offering significant international exposure and presents a great opportunity to lead and develop an institution which has the potential to make worldwide social impact.

In the month of April 2009, we invite applications for the post of Executive Director. If you are interested in applying, please take note of the following details. Do you know any individual who may be interested in applying for this job? If so please forward this announcement and help further disseminate this information.

Electronic Application Submission to: info@worldtoilet.org

Application closes: 24 April (Only shortlisted candidates will be notified)

Position Description: please visit World Toilet Organization.