Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grants for Water and Sanitation / Development Grants Program / USAID

Very very interesting grant opportunity:

USAID has announced its latest Development Grants Program (DGP) grants opportunity for water, sanitation, and other important developments objectives. This program is designed for nonprofits (US, international, local) who have limited experience working with USAID to this point. Please consider applying for water and sanitation funding.

Go to and search for DGP, or click here:;jsessionid=XVfGNQcdz1LQN1C54sTh6JxtdTThnyyq6Bh4rTtTsJXLns4h4Wt8!-2077849862?oppId=78733&mode=VIEW


The DGP is closely aligned with Agency Initiatives addressing today’s pressing problems of hunger and food security, health impacts of insufficient water resources, and challenges that accompany global climate change, local capacity development, and women and peace-building as well as post-conflict resolution. This RFA encourages applicants to propose effective, innovative approaches that contribute to the achievement of development objectives in the sectors specified for this third cycle of DGP funding. Funds for the DGP are available for activities in the following three sectors: water (especially water and sanitation), microenterprise and climate change adaptation.


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) established the Development Grants Program (DGP) under the Office of Development Partners, Private and Voluntary Cooperation Division (ODP/PVC), as a small grants program which would increase the number and quality of NGO (both local and U.S.-based) implementing partners who can meet the needs of the communities they serve and contribute to the accomplishment of the Agency’s goals and objectives.


The purpose of the DGP is to create new partnerships between USAID and NGOs that have had limited or no prior funding from and experience working directly with USAID. A key goal of the DGP is to expand USAID’s NGO network of development partners and provide capacity building support to the new partners. In doing so, USAID will enable a wider range of partners to better meet their constituents’ needs and contribute to development outcomes. Increased U.S.PVO and LNGO capacity will expand the number of organizations that make enduring contributions to the evolving needs of those they serve. The objectives of the DGP as presented in this Request for Applications are: 1. Broadened participation in USAID programs of LNGOs and U.S. PVOs with experience and expertise relevant to priority USAID and partner country development objectives; 2. Expanded numbers of LNGOs and U.S. PVOs with planning, management and service delivery systems adequate to implement USAID-funded activities; and 3. Measurable contributions by LNGOs and U.S. PVOs to the achievement of the development objectives for participating USAID Missions’ country programs, in particular as they pertain to Agency priorities and initiatives.

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