Friday, December 18, 2009 is hiring - DC and Kansas City

It seems like this blog is turning into a job-posting site, but I imagine that's a proxy indicator for a growing water and sanitation sector so no complaints.

Two more from (Gary White and Matt Damon's shop):

Program Manager. We are looking for an experienced and highly skilled Program Manager to work with our International Programs team and manage our Haiti program, among other duties. Master’s or Ph.D preferred, as well as knowledge of French, at least two years of relevant work experience in Haiti, and at least five years of relevant experience with development, water and sanitation, microfinance, and/or nonprofit organizations. This full-time position will be based in Kansas City, MO, with significant travel to Haiti and Central America. Open until filled. Read the full job announcement.

Partnership Manager. We are also looking for a highly-qualified Washington, D.C.-based Partnership Manager that will be responsible for the overall development, implementation, and promotion of relationships with U.S. government and other large-scale institutional donors, among other duties. Master’s level degree highly desirable, with at least 5-10 years in public or private nonprofit environment, including proposal development and writing for significant international projects as well as private and public grants. Relationships with U.S. government and other bi/multi-lateral institutional donors active in international development essential, and 1-2 years overseas experience in a developing country desirable. This position is full-time and will work with our International Programs team. Open until filled. Read the full job announcement.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Imagine H2O is hiring...

Very interesting job opening at Imagine H2O in the Bay Area:

Imagine H20 is a non-profit seeking to accelerate adoption of new water technology in the marketplace. The organization does this by:

  • Education
  • Awareness
  • Building a stakeholder community
  • Sponsoring various prize competitions
Imagine H2O’s first prize involves Water Efficiency and the contest is underway now. Funding is currently coming from The Royal Bank of Canada for the first three years.

Imagine H20 is looking for a COO who is:

  • entrepreneurial but operational – ideally, someone who has worked at a startup
  • a good communicator (has to be the public face of the organization)
  • can inspire volunteers and can command respect at the Fortune 500 level (existing sponsors are major companies) and who can manage a staff of volunteers
  • able to fundraise (and who likes doing it/has done it) via non-profit experience, sponsorships, or even angel and VC funding experiences)
  • passionate about the struggle to provide clean water to people (needs to convey the mission passionately to all stake holders all the time)
  • able to work in San Francisco
Please send me a note for the complete description if you want, or reach out directly to:

Daniel McGrath
danielm {{at}}