Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UNC Chapel Hill / Water / Sanitation / Where Science Meets Policy Conference

Those of you who were at UNC's conference last October know that you don't want to miss the 2011 show either. Fantastic learning opportunity. Here is a hint at what this year's event includes:
Networking/Workshop Events 2011 Water and Health: Where Science Meets Policy Conference

Workshops and meetings are already being organized for the 2011 Water and Health Conference, to be held October 3-7 at UNC Chapel Hill. Our first workshops to announce are:

• "The United Nations, Global Health Policy, and Evolving Frameworks for Accountability under the Human Right to Water" co-convened by The Parr Center for Ethics at UNC

• Annual Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS) Network Meeting convened by WHO, UNICEF & The Water Institute

• "The new age of rapid methods for water quality applications: blending scientific advancement with routine monitoring needs" convened by the Institute of Marine Sciences at UNC

Don't miss this opportunity to network with and learn from the unique array of national and international experts to build and sustain a capable and proficient knowledge base in a new topic, and to expand upon existing knowledge and skills.

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