Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Capitol Hill Briefing - Wednesday October 6 - WASH in Schools

Please join us tomorrow in Washington DC: 


Please join the Basic Education Coalition and Water Advocates for a panel discussion on:

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Schools in the Developing World

Sponsored by:

Representative Earl Blumenauer

Wednesday, October 6, 2010
9:30 am to 10:45 am
2168 Rayburn Gold Room
(Continental breakfast served)

According to Raising Clean Hands: A Call to Action for WASH in Schools, more than half of all primary schools in developing countries do not have safe drinking water and nearly two-thirds lack single gender toilets. Even where facilities exist, they are often in poor condition. WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) is a powerful cross-sectoral issue that is essential for achieving universal education and enhances girls’ education and empowerment, reduces water- and sanitation-related diseases, increases attendance for girls and boys, safeguards cognitive development and contributes to economic growth. It provides community empowerment through parent/teacher associations and can lead to changes in national education policies. The WASH in Schools vision is a world where all children go to school and all schools provide a safe, healthy and comfortable environment where children grow, learn and thrive.

Please join us for a discussion of how WASH in Schools programs can improve the effectiveness of education while fulfilling every child’s right to water, sanitation and hygiene. Access to WASH programs in schools helps ensure that children have the opportunity to fully participate in school and reach their true potential.

Featured Speakers:

Seung Lee, Senior Director of School Health and Nutrition, Save the Children
Delaney Steffen, Student from HB Woodlawn Secondary Program, H2O for Life
Mary Shields, Student from HB Woodlawn Secondary Program, H2O for Life
Pamela Young, Senior Basic Education Advisor, Plan International USA
Dennis Warner, Senior Technical Advisor for Water and Sanitation, Catholic Relief Services

Please RSVP to

Anna Roberts at 202-884-8751

or e-mail: arack ((AT)) basiced.org

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