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Ebola jobs (Chief of Party, Logistics Manager) - deadline Oct 20

 Ebola Response – Logistics Manager and Chief of Party
Application deadline October 20, 2014

Logistics Manager

Position Description: The Ebola Treatment Unit Logistics Manager is responsible for managing the overall supplies and movement of supplies, flow of patients and staff, within an ETU. IPC procedures must be followed to prevent transmission. In collaboration and liaison with other key personnel in the ETU, s/he is responsible to ensure that the infection prevention and control (IPC) measures and protocols are followed and that the appropriate data is communicated to the Logistics cluster, the DART, and other relevant stakeholders. The Logistics Manager must capture pipeline information, and coordinate the management of the supply chain ensuring that Program staff are well-informed and well-prepared for incoming goods and materiel. Ensure timely reporting on stock status, to help Program staff with planning of stock replenishment and that tracking through to end-user has occurred.

Experience: The Logistics Manager must have broad experience in humanitarian assistance programs, especially in communicable disease responses, such as cholera. S/he must have humanitarian coordination experience with the Logistics cluster, WHO, and water and sanitation ministries and other partners.

Education: It is desirable that experience is supported by study by academic study, such as completion of the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics.

·         Evidence of practical experience in logistics management within the field of supply chain management (procurement, tendering, contracting, clearance, transport, warehousing, etc.) fleet management and asset management, distribution support.
·         Proven record of experience of the management of logistics at a coordination level.
·         Evidence of considerable humanitarian expertise in logistics management  (5 to 6 field deployments; 3 to 4 humanitarian emergency deployments and 4 to 5 international deployments)

Chief of Party

Position Description: As the Chief of Party, this individual will be responsible for the overall strategic planning, human resources, program design and implementation, program support operations, finance, administration, monitoring and evaluation supervision, expansion/development, and required reporting for this contract.

Experience: As the Chief of Party, he/she should have demonstrated broad experience managing complex humanitarian programs that include heavy oversight for the safety of both staff and beneficiaries, along with coordinating programmatic aspects with all stakeholders, including the DART, WHO, health ministries, and other partners.

Education:   Master’s degree in public health, international development, strategic planning, project design and implementation, or a related field

 •     10-15 years of project management experience (management, planning, staff development and training skills) in emergency / development programs
•     Significant experience in coordination aspects of humanitarian assistance, including the cluster system, the DART, and the MOHSW, particularly in the health field, to ensure that gaps are addressed and there is no duplication of efforts.
•     Familiarity in working with USAID’s policies, procedures, and regulations.

Please send CVs and Letters of Interest to Daniel Corbett,

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