Friday, August 24, 2012

World Water Week - The Politics of Water: Strengthening National Advocacy for WASH

For those of you who will be in Stockholm for World Water Week, please join us at our session on:

The session will take place on Thursday, August 30, from 12h45 - 13h45 in Room K24.

Event Description
In-country advocacy throughout the developing world is vital to addressing the global water and sanitation (WASH) challenge. This session convenes experienced and new WASH advocates to discuss how they are positively influencing public policies and increasing WASH budgets in their countries.

The session will begin promptly at 12:45.

Our speakers are:
  • Diana Betancourt, Water For People (
    The impact of advocacy at municipal and national levels in Honduras and beyond.
  • Yiga Baker, ANEW (
    3-4 mini case studies about how WASH civil society networks have influenced public policy and budgets for WASH throughout Africa.
  • John Oldfield, WASH Advocates (, speaker and moderator):
    Best and emerging practices for advocacy in WASH and other sectors.
After brief remarks (seven minutes) from each of the speakers, we will have 30 minutes left in our sixty minute session to engage with the audience. We are asking the audience to prepare in advance for this session, and during the session offer brief remarks on:
  • What WASH advocacy successes and/or failures have you had in your country?
  • Of those successes and failures, what do you think might work (or not) in other parts of the world?
  • What do you hope to accomplish in the next months/years in your country for advocacy for WASH?
Hope to see you all there! Send me a note if you need additional information please.

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