Friday, March 12, 2010


Best thing ever: two of my interests, water and space exploration, combine into one.


In labs, garages, companies, organizations, and charities around the world, visionary work is being done to meet the challenge of a sustainable future. LAUNCH, with support from its Founding Partner NASA, has been formed to help these innovators accelerate from where they are to where they need to be – as they strive to achieve success. LAUNCH will initiate a global search for and channel these innovations into key challenge areas that are the backbone to securing a sustainable future: water, air, food, energy, mobility, and sustainable cities.

The needs of these nascent organizations are many and varied: re-imagining their business models, accessing capital/investment or charitable donations, refining their designs and engineering, linking to a new technology partner, securing key management, scaling their operations, gaining advocacy, opening up new markets and programs . The difference between failure or stagnation and success are often small pivotal changes in approach and the ability to move quickly and confidently to secure key allies and partners.

Lots more detail throughout their website.

Featured Innovator

April Rinne
WaterCredit Initiative

Many among the urban and rural poor are willing to pay for clean water and sanitation, but they have been unable to access water connections and build toilets because they simply do not have the upfront capital to make the needed investments (often ranging from just $90 – $250).

Check out Mark Sobsey's work with low cost water tests too.

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