Thursday, February 4, 2010

Haiti / Port au Prince / Water System Map

I have just received an updated version of USAID's Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) water system map for Port au Prince. This map has been compiled from multiple water sources including GoH/CAMPED, International Action, Metcalf & Eddy. IDP location points were created by UNOSAT and have been verified over satellite imagery from various dates in late January. The base map layers were created by MINUSTAH.

It is a handy tool for those of you active in PauP, including camps, operational and non-operational (i.e. could be repaired) water points, lines, junctions, etc.  Let me know if you need it as I technically can't post it here and don't have a weblink. 


pranjal said...

hey thanks for the info..can i get the document please...we are preparing a water system report on haiti so it will be of gr8 help

John Oldfield said...

please send me your email address at john_oldfield (at) and I will get you those maps.

Anonymous said...

I need those maps for a project on PauP. Can you send it to me please.