Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Skoll Foundation Awards for Social Entrepreneurship - Water Scarcity is a priority area for 2009

I just got a note from a friend at the Skoll Foundation who brought to my attention the fact that water scarcity is one of five priority areas for this year's Skoll Foundation awards for social entrepreneurs.

Please let your water and sanitation networks know of this opportunity, which could lead to $750,000 in support for worthy causes, including - quite recently - Gary White and WaterPartners International.

Award guidelines are here and the next deadline is August 12.

From Skoll:

The Skoll Foundation’s mission is to advance systemic change to benefit communities around the world by investing in, connecting and celebrating social entrepreneurs. We believe that social entrepreneurs see opportunities where others see problems and crises. They apply innovative solutions to social and environmental issues, empowering people and communities to envision and create positive change. They work in many kinds of organizations, including nonprofits, social purpose ventures such as community development banks, and hybrid organizations that mix elements of nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

More detail on the ideal applicant:

Qualifying organizations will:

· Be led by a social entrepreneur.
· Have implemented innovative programs that demonstrate effective approaches to the critical social and environmental challenges of our time.
· Be able to describe a clear, long-term path to creating equilibrium change.
· Demonstrate proof of concept with measurable outcomes.
· Have a clear, compelling plan for reaching scale.
· Demonstrate a track record of at least three years.
· Have a clear plan for long term financial and operational sustainability.
· Commit to work with peers and the Skoll Foundation to share learning and communicate success stories.

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