Thursday, March 19, 2009

Natural Resources Defense Council blogs on safe drinking water

Just want to quickly point out that Melanie Nakagawa of NRDC has a great post today on "Investing in Clean Water Brings Economic Benefits and So Much More."

Q: Should we cut back on investing in global drinking water and sanitation during the downturn?

A: "Now is the time to be investing in achieving access to safe water and sanitation because of the multiple benefits clean water provides for our economy and society...Every $1 invested in water and sanitation can yield economic benefits on average between $7 and $12. By taking into account the debilitating aspect of water-related diseases, time spent walking miles to get water, child mortality and drop out rates from school (often from girls who lack access to sanitary facilities after reaching puberty), the report highlighted additional benefits from investing in improving access to water and sanitation..."

Melanie goes on to discuss additional healthcare savings, productivity increases and time savings associated with safe water, and highlights the just-introduced "Water for the World Act" as well.
Love the close: "Therefore, with the right mix of political support plus financial investment in access to safe water and sanitation for those most in need, we have the opportunity to see mulitiple benefits, not only to the economy but for our planet."

The contribution that safe drinking water and sanitation for people make to the environmental sustainability sector is significant, and it's refreshing to see NRDC blazing a path forward on this important linkage.

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