Thursday, February 5, 2009

Twestival - Where Twitter Meets Safe Water

Q: Does Twitter actually add value to society?

A: Yes.

Regardless of the ongoing debate in my head about whether Twitter does indeed add value to society - who really needs to know when I'm on the john anyhow - the Twitter folks had me from "Hey - we're trying to raise money for safe water projects around the world for charity: water - want to help?"

charity: water rocks. Scott Harrison and his crew are playing to their strengths in promotions, events, celebrities for good causes, and raising a lot of money for high-quality nonprofits like Action Against Hunger, Partners in Health, and Water For People.

The safe drinking water and sanitation challenge is arguably the world's largest public health crisis.

And Tweet. Meet. Give. brings this reality to a whole new set of players in 160 cities, including each of yours. Let's get twittering.

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Peter LaMotte said...

Great news, the Twestival in now in over 185 countries. Good work will be done at all of these fundraisers next Thursday.